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How many times Cody Milo came during that time, she did not know. Long hours of humiliation, ill, but it must be recognized is very good client, obzhigayuschih strikes back lash turned it into one solid enormously long, rapid and continuous orgasm. When Vika saw that it is no longer Isaura away, it took her by the hair and forced vylizyvat all the legs and boots of myska naboyki pins to iznyvayuschego vagina, then at least burgeoning suicide.

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The whole scene was in full silence, apart from the loud breathing IGI two women. The words were to anything. And so it was clear that Milo like everything that happens with it - otherwise it would have long tried to make something rather than to stand bare dressed girl iznyvaya of passions and pominutno wait for the same, finally, the divine will her fingers Wet mezhdunozhem.
Cody Milo smooth movement continued to hand down his body, as it was already confident slaves. That absolutely has forged on the fingers flickering Bud, causing a loud always welcome pleasure. They then descended even below, and two, there are three fingers missing between left unresolved s

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cody milo did not know where to Viki that together, did not know where she kept it, and when able to wear, like did not know that Vica may be so dazzling beauty. Cody Milo especially emphasized along slenderness skirts thighs, chest high maiden, white skin, beautiful thin, but strong hands, so much can vozhdeleyuschey slave! But she knew one now changed: in this moment it ceased to be a good wife and mother beloved daughter nachalnitsey ceased to be respected for his subordinates and for the future control of their employers, it was this slave, slave without any concessions and reservations lustful females , prevent its orders of Mrs..